Some information about my martial arts history:

Beginnings - 1991

As a Thai-American in elementary school my foundational training began with TaeKwonDo.  My TaeKwonDo teacher was also a radiologist and so x-ray films were often used during class for various reasons.  For years heavy emphasis was placed on leg work, striking, stretching, and bag training.  Further studies continued as a teenager which included local martial arts meeting groups who introduced me to Thai Boxing and open spar matching.


I was hospitalized due to a severe accident.  After surgery there was great uncertainty for the future.  The first few steps on the long road to recovery with debilitating injuries seemed impossible.


I met my KungFu teacher at this time.  An amazing individual, a PHD holder in engineering, a Chinese medicine physician, and a true master.  He was my teacher for 15 years.  After the first few years of healing under his direction it was clear to me that my recovery had dramatically altered the outlook of my life and new possibilities and new paths presented themselves.  Although grueling and daunting at times, the training he imparted breathed a new life into me and I was forever transformed for the better.

I was primarily taught a style of KungFu called BaGua or Eight Trigrams which is an internal form of Chinese martial arts.  The training he provided was also in several other KungFu studies including Shaolin Long Fist, XingYi, BaJi, QiGong, and others.

BaGua KungFu training is not only about martial arts but about many things involving the dynamics of life including the internal body, the external body, the mind, the spirit, as well as a framework for health and healing.


I hold a three-year Master’s in Acupuncture, a three-year Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication and a two-year associate’s degree in art.  Aside from Chinese medicine and martial arts, some interests of mine include expanding my knowledge of wilderness medicine as a seasoned hiker and continuing to grow more as an outdoorsman while exploring nature, philosophy, and art.


As we all well know, the future is both unpredictable and uncertain.  I hope to share more about martial arts and stories from my history.  I welcome those who are interested in learning about traditional KungFu and will offer what I can.

-TJ Boshart